Fairtrade-Trade Cast provides Universal Access to Stock Trading Accounts via Internet. This means clients can access this trading software anywhere in the world.

Instant Access

In the financial world time is money and every millisecond counts. Through Fairtrade-Trade Cast Instant Execution and Confirmation of Stock Trades are possible and investors can stay ahead of the game.


Security & confidentiality are must important features of any online trading softwares. At Fairtrade-Trade Cast, we provide Confidentiality of all Customer Transactions. And investors can trade with a peace of mind.


In Fairtrade Online Trading platform, Equal Order Priority is given to all the clients irrespective of the order size.

Portfolio Updates

Real Time Portfolio Updates are available in Fairtrade-Trade Cast platform. Investors can create and track your their portfolio or create stock watch list. Stock prices get updated in real time during trading hours.

Off Hour Trading

Fairtrade-Trade Cast also provides the off hour trading facility through which Fairtrade-Trade Cast customers can place their orders in advance for the upcoming session.


You need not worry about the safety of your account, it’s completely secured to trade from Fairtrade-Trade Cast.
Every client is provided with a User Name and Password with encryption which provides the highest level of security. Fairtrade-Trade Cast doesn’t store the session’s details. So, each time the user wants to log on to the application, he has to enter his User Id & passwords. This enhances the security rigidity.

Total Control

With Fairtrade-Trade Cast you can have more control on all your transactions. You can decide exactly at what price and time you wish to buy, down to the fraction of a second, as well as change your order whenever you feel like.
No waiting on the phone or having to go in person to a branch. Fairtrade-Trade Cast is more flexibility in terms of being able to see what options are available to you and scan the market.


To ensure maximum transparency, An SMS for every trade confirmation is sent on Mobile Phones of the clients. This SMS Trade confirmation carries the rate at which the trade takes place along with the brokerage rate/ commission rate.


Keeping in view the technological advances in Stock Trading, we have provided Mobile Trading option to all our clients. Our Mobile Trading software can perform all the activities which online Trading Software can perform.
For this purpose we use Pero which is the next generation mobile trading platform. Pero is a mobile based application which allows you to trade from your mobile phone anywhere, anytime. This application will give you to trade on the go, check your portfolio and account details, get live streaming data of market updates, indices updates, stock quotes and much more.
Our Mobile Trading Software supports all Android and Symbian enabled mobile phones. It also supports Blackberry OS 5.0 & above version.


To take a prudent investment decision, role of research and analysis cannot be ignored. At Fairtrade, we regularly update our clients on macroeconomic, stock market and sector trends through our daily briefings and other periodical research publications.
Clients are also provided with timely recommendations on individual stock prospects. Our research advice is based on a continuous and detailed evaluation of economic indicators, industry and company specific information.